Why is Volunteering Awesome?

Helping others creates a sense of passion and curiosity, it also helps build a positive image with in the community. For most companies, volunteering is a second thought but Secure has encouraged employees to make a meaningful contribution to the community by spending 27 hours (3 working days) a year in volunteering in working hours. Employees choose how they want to spend this time; they can contribute to an individual project, or participate in one of the many projects at Dharohar. 

This community engagement helps our team connect more deeply with Secure’s beliefs, build cross-functional friendships and exposure, expand their knowledge, deepen empathy, and learn new skills.

In the short term, our team develops faster and becomes more connected, leading to increased productivity and quality. In the long term, Secure will develops a powerful culture of responsibility, understands its consumers better and prepares for a next generation of talent that are already curious, strong thinkers. It really is a win-win.