Fastidious gardeners planted only good seeds...

Dharohar was a magnet for me. When I was doing my research about Secure before joining, I was delighted to learn that I would automatically become a part of Dharohar too. Earlier I didn’t know about the magnificent CSR laws in this country. These laws are unique to India and when I tell family and friends about the commitment all who are engaged here make, they exclaim about India’s greatness. I like this!   

The new centre for play and exploration coming up soon is something I get very excited about. I’ve understood it will be a beautiful space and a highly-practical space, and it will be in harmony with the environment but at the same time stand apart. The details are being crafted by many bright and sharp minds, young and old, near and far. It’ll draw people from all over the world to Udaipur. Children from all nations are going to benefit from what Dharohar creates there. It’ll set a benchmark for experimental teaching and innovative gatherings and events, not only in India, but on the world stage too. Ambitious?  I don’t think so. Fastidious gardeners planted only good seeds, and saplings are well-established on the heights in diverse lands already. The future forest thrives! It’s such a peaceful place. 

The welcoming shade of the Dharohar tree revitalises us and inspires the children.  It impels us to step away from the mundane, to meet others we wouldn’t ordinarily meet, to share everything we know and to learn much that we didn’t. It makes us think, deeply, and stimulates deep connections. The vital roots of Dharohar and the infinite possibilities that they represent help to nourish our best ideas as a group. They know no petty boundaries and keep our children dreaming ever higher, ever more broadly about the brightest future possibly imaginable. Nothing less than heaven on earth for all will do, whilst keeping in mind that the sky is not the limit. I know you know that. Let’s do it!

Fiona Smith

Shivani Singhal