What if I have not done it – Volunteering!!!

A few years back, we had briefing about Khoj by Shivani, at Offline. The session was a standing meeting of one hour; a casual discussion. A few projects were there for demo and there were questions on how they worked. Trying to recall from old memories, I couldn’t find answers to the fundamental questions from class VI or VII. Coming back to my desk, it was a return to the normal life of a programme manager, of playing with dates. 

My first step as a volunteer started a year later as part of Khoj team on Sems Day.  It was fun interacting with kids in that two hour show. I enjoyed the interactive session and my journey of learning in a different style started.

We generally choose to volunteer as giving back something to society, adding something to our resume or gaining experience. I continued my journey from Sems Day with only one reason: to have masti and enjoy. When I look back my journey till day, today I feel “khel khel mein”, I learnt a lot.  I have tried to find out answer of why am I doing it and every time I find the same inner voice says “I am loving it”.

Without being a volunteer, life would have between programme dates, gates and technical problems. It has helped me to spend quality time away from work. I could have missed the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

My journey and learning continues with fun filled activities.

Praphull Dwivedi

Shivani Singhal