How do i stay safe online?


  • Anything you put online is permanent. What you think is super col now, might not seem so cool in 5 years. (If you don't quite believe us, look at one of your photos as a 4/5-year old)
  • When you put information on a social media/a website like Facebook/Instagram, very often Facebook/Instagram then owns that information. They can give it to anyone or use it in any way they want to. You can’t stop them!
  • People can lie online – you cannot trust everything you read. So don’t trust strangers you speak to, and check important facts.


  • Try to avoid talking to strangers. If you have to, ALWAYS make sure a grown up knows.
  • ALWAYS make sure someone (hopefully a grown up) knows who you are talking to online
  • ALWAYS tell your parents, or a grown up you trust if anyone does anything to make you uncomfortable
  • ALWAYS tell your parents if someone contacts you claiming they are your friend/relative. They may be lying.
  • ALWAYS ask about anything you are not sure about


  • NEVER tell anyone where or how they can find you- do not share your address, school, bus route etc
  • NEVER give people a way to contact you off the internet – do not give anyone your phone number or address
  • NEVER post a picture that could give someone that information
  • NEVER arrange to meet anyone you have met online
  • NEVER share any bank details/credit card/debit card details
  • NEVER give anyone access to your passwords for email, facebook or other internet accounts

Drop us an email to ask any questions you have, or ask any grown up you know well and trust.