3rd Space

Wake up. Get ready. Go to school. Get told what to do by the teacher. Chill at recess. Back to class. Back home. Mummy says what to do. Then tuition teacher tells us what to do. Then back at home. Do this, do that. Every day.

Everyone, big or small, needs time, and space, to do what THEY want. If they want to sit and look at a wall- great! If they want to learn to play the drums- great! If they want to invent a new spacesuit- also great. Drink coffee. Read books. Play games. Learn coding. Whatever it is, we want to give kids (and grown-ups) a place to do and be however they want. This will be "Third Space"!

This isn’t up and running yet- it’s a work in progress, but watch this SPACE!

08_Wheel 2.png
Image_3_Steet view 1.jpg