What do we do?

We run workshops, programmes and projects in schools and in public spaces which encourage kids to break out of their textbooks and mark-focused lives and explore the world to see where their interests really lie. From discovering the fundamentals of science to learning how to express themselves, we cover a wide range of activities and interests. 

You can see some snapshots of our work below! (Click on a picture to find out more!)

Khoj Centre

If it's Saturday or Sunday, come and play. See what you find, see what you learn! A small space to discover your own interests, so whether you're 5 or 95, come on in and have some fun.

Khoj in Schools

Khoj in schools ignites the explorer in every child; science is about asking questions and testing to find answers. And that's what we do with students from Class 4 to 6- we let them explore and discover!

WOW Shows

There's so much amazing stuff in the universe- we bring small snapshots of that to the public through shows in malls and public spaces showcasing powerful stories and mind-blowing experiments.

Keep Moving Movement

Life gets tough for everyone at some point. Some people slow down and stop. Others are able to keep moving. Through KMM we teach students in class 9 and 10 how to keep moving when things are hard.


Everyone needs a voice. And everyone should learn to listen. Debating is a powerful platform to teach three key skills; how to listen, how to think and how to share your thoughts. Plus, it's really fun!

Amazing Art

Creating something new, expressing your imaginatino, or just mindless doodling. Art is therapeutic and powerful; it helps us get our feelings out and share them with the world. We want more people to feel free to express themselves with colour!

Wacky Workshops

Everyone needs a chance to explore new ideas, and that's just what we do in our workshops. From building towers, to string painting to weaving baskets, workshops give kids a chance to try something new and gain new skills at the same time!


We spend all our time indoors, and we've lost our connection to nature. In Jungl3, we get outdoors, plant trees, identify wildlife and create a green space that will sustain and nourish Udaipur in the years to come.

Third Space

A space to be who you want, do what you want and test out new things. If you want to build robots, read a book, stare at the sky or have a coffee; it's totally up to you. Coming soon, so watch this spac3!