So what is a children's board? 

We want kids to love learning, and to have fun. So who do you think can give us the best advice on this matter - kids of course! We select 8-10 students from Udaipur every year to guide us. The board meet once a month and works on specific projects and advises on the progress that Dharohar has made. Meet our 2017-18 board members below. 


Anika is full of energy. She loves to sing, and read books about magic, especially the Harry Potter books. She also likes looking online for things to make; for example, she once made a paper gun that can actually shoot. She also likes playing badminton.



Lakshita always wants to know new things about everything. She is very funny and talkative. She likes meeting new people and always wants to learn something new or good from everyone she meets. When she is bored, she likes to sing, dance or to cook something interesting.


Munira Bhalam

The most adventurous thing, Munira thinks is to read a book because its like travelling the journey as the character itself.

She loves to know life story of random people, its way too thrilling. Most craziest thing she does is that she pushes chairs away when someone is sitting.

She’s inasanely insane!!


Naseh Amin

Naseh Amin is a curious child. He is curious about history and likes to travel to historic places. He loves reading books about magic, horror or comedy. He loves to collect information on topics he finds interesting.



Niral is positive and innovative. She explores and learns new things. Recently she learnt trekking and how to plant trees. She wants to travel around the world to learn new things and meet different people.



Need something mischievous or exciting? Srishti is there with lots of ideas! You can find her punching here and there and injuring herself because she loves karate. When she was younger, she once ate glue whilst blindfolded.


Could this be you?

We will be taking applications for the next kids board soon! Watch this space to find out more.