Keep moving MOVEMENT

KMM की प्रेणादायक कहानियो को सुन

बच्चो की सकारात्मक सोच का जादू कुछ ऐसा चला…

Keep moving… what do these words mean? To us, they are a reminder that tough times, failures and obstacles will always appear. And we have choice when they do; do we stop and whine, or do we keep moving forwards. Slowly if we need to, but moving forward at least.

The education system has given fantastic results. It has trained the best of the minds and produced given highly talented scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc; but it leaves something out. It trains the brain, but leaves behind the heart and the spirit. And this is where KMM comes in.

KMM works to fill this gap, by filling young minds with the forces of greatness by conducting interactive sessions for kids in class 9 and 10. We help kids figure out what they want, set goals, develop positive habits, build resilience and become strong communicators.

KMM is a great platform for volunteers to overcome their fear of public speaking as they inspire the young minds and build a better society.


Why do we do it?

  • Attitude matters more that aptitude
  • So kids can grow from failures and challenges
  • To build self-control and grit
  • To fill kids with high self-esteem & confidence

What do we do?

  • Deliver 7 sessions each year to class 9 and 10 students
  • Practice transformational exercises with students
  • Share inspirational stories of real life achievers
  • Provide tools to build grit, set goals, stay focused and communicate effectively