JunglE 3

Today, what was once a small town, is becoming a big city. Growth brings with it good things and some challenges. This small city is really beautiful. All the people living in it are proud of its natural beauty and its history. The citizens of this city could have become arrogant because people from all over the world want to visit it, some say it is the most beautiful city in the world. Amazingly, like the beauty, the culture and warmth of this city is legendary and the people remain grounded. 

People started to asked, “How can we protect the natural beauty and keep the culture of the city intact for the next generations?” 

Often the cynical would say, “Nobody will protect the culture and environment because it does not make money”. 

Others countered them with hopes and plans. The local government of the city that took the lead and offered hills that they wanted to rejuvenate. Hills that had eroded to a large extent. Hills that were on the path that leopards took from one set of hills to another. As an act of faith, they entrusted this land to a company to make green. 

There is a lot to do. Some say, make it a place where kids have fun. Yet others say, it should be an example of an environmentally sound yet economically viable park.

The company has chosen to take small steps, to experiment and learn. It hopes to see kids learn rock climbing here. The sound of kids enjoying themselves, experiencing fear on the rocks and overcoming it. Exclaim loudly as they suddenly discover a grove of fruit trees and enjoy it.

The fun of running through the trees, finding something new at the other end. Or find some fruit that they would usually buy from a shop or the thelas. While helping plant the trees, they will learn what trees need to grow. And they will play with mud, something that they have little chance to. They could experiment with making small dams of mud, see what happens to them. Or make bridges out of rocks. So much to play and experiment with, so much fun and so much learning. We can’t wait to see how it goes!


Why do we do it?

  • To connect with nature in a crazy fast world

  • To protect our city and leave something great behind for the future

  • To have fun

  • To learn from the outdoors

What do we do?

  • Run plantation drives with local children and adult volunteers

  • Care for the trees

  • Plan educational and adventure activities for kids (*to come- watch this space!)