Have what it takes?

If delivering excellence whilst having a laugh is your cup of tea, we might be the place for you. We pull together and do whatever we need to deliver results, we take care of each other and push ourselves and our team to become the best we can be. If you can think on your feet, love stretching yourself and delivering excellence, then get in touch.

If any of the roles below catch your interest, send us an email with your CV and a note explaining what makes you awesome, what you'll bring to the team and why we'd be stupid not to hire you. We'll get back to you if you seem to be a good fit for us!


Communications and Content Writer

Are you passionate about reading and storytelling? Can you convey energy, infuse curiosity and inspire people with your writing? Use your persuasive powers and vivid imagination to help us share the work we are doing and build a powerful, curious community around you. 

Content and training developer

Can you flex your creative muscles to design awesome experiences for kids? Do you have the empathy and communication to inspire volunteers to deliver excellence? Use your skills to write stories, share big ideas and change how people think.