How did we get here?

As with most things, our work started with a tiny idea in the minds of two very different people- one was a trained geologist who became an organic chemist and then an electrical engineer who set up a firm taking new technology from India all across the world. The second was a rambunctious tomboy who went from climbing mountains and running wild to running a home and large family, fitting into a more "old-school" family set up with joy and grace. Having re-invented themselves again and again, they realised they shared two traits that have helped them on this path... curiosity and a deep-seated belief that they can learn anything they want to.

Powerful, right? Two simple ideas; I want to learn, and I can learn anything. And yet, they looked around to schools, seeing that so many kids don't build these key mindsets. And with their irrepressible curiosity, they started to ask "why?" and "what can we do?". So started the first art camps; can we move beyond the national picture of three mountains, an eye-lashed sun and a meandering river, to kids truly expressing their thoughts and feelings!

It's not just kids that have lost their curiosity- adults often have even less! We wanted to inspire the grown-ups too, because they are the mummys and papas, and bhaiyas and jijis...So we decided to make all our work volunteer driven. The volunteers inspire the kids, and the kids inspire the volunteers, and we end up with curiosity bursting out of everyone (hopefully)!

Since 2007, and our first volunteer art camps, we have started many other projects, which you can read about here.

Vidhya Bhawan Khoj Schools
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