We all have arguments and disagreements. And all of us want to win them! That’s what debating is all about. Listening to other people’s views, ideas and reasons, figuring out if you agree or not, and putting your own point across are important in all areas of life. And debating is a fun, exciting and rigorous way of learning these skills. We work with schools to run a debating curriculum with them and then invite these debaters to take part in competitions.


Why do we do it?

  • Strong listening skills are essential in every field
  • To build confidence and ability to express their views
  • To become better at structuring and organising thoughts
  • To learn public speaking skills
  • It's really FUN!

What do we do?

  • Run debating sessions in schools
  • Teach students how to
    • Listen to others
    • Judge if an argument is good or bad
    • Make strong arguments
    • Present them powerfully
  • Run inter and intra-school competitions